First, check out our For Universities page. If you like what you see, then contact a community manager to request a 15 minute Demo over the phone to get a real-time walk through of the site.
Our subscriptions vary based on the size of your department or institution. Contact us to discuss our flexible pricing structures that accommodate all types of departments and institutions.
SOC can be implemented in 24 hours. On our end, all we do is add your “.edu” email address suffix to our list of accepted emails, and everyone with that type of email can sign up. Every student, adviser, faculty, and staff. The recommended steps in the subscription process is to first request a demo and then choose one of our subscription options.
There are two simple and effective methods to maximize SOC adoption:
  • Put a link to the SOC on your departmental sites
  • Send out an email newsletter to students.
The SOC operates independently of all University systems. Student Opportunity Center operates simply and straight-forwardly as a website which restricts access to users based on their “.edu” emails. The only student data we keep are what the students use when they sign up: their first names and email address. We keep this limited sign-up data on Google App Engine secured servers.