S.O.C. Enterprise

Implement Experiential Learning Effectively and Efficiently at Scale.


Are your students ready for a career in the 21st century?

Connect every student to the right experiential learning opportunities and verify relevant learning outcomes.

Enterprise makes finding and managing opportunities easy.


Connect siloed campus systems, resources around the web, and source opportunities from our network of companies, non-profits, and government agencies. In addition to all this, easily allow your community partners, faculty, and staff to add and upload opportunities.

Campus Systems

Campus Lists

Off-Campus Listings

Web Listings


Place the right students into the right opportunities. Our proprietary and customizable algorithms help match student interests, skills, career paths, and more to the right opportunities at the right organizations at the right time in their journey.





Manage everything from the creation of the opportunity to the exit interview. Collaborate with opportunity providers to set up the timeline, goals, and outcomes desired from each opportunity. Save time and resources in collecting data and managing opportunity and provider relationships.





Verify & Report

360 participation verification. Keep track of who is participating in what, what they learned, and receive qualitative and quantitative data from student, provider, and all other involved parties. Run custom reports for individual and groups of students to product actionable participation and learning outcomes data.

Participation Verification


Data Analysis

Analytic Reports

Tools & Features

IT System Integrations

Single Sign-On (SSO), LMS and SIS integrations. Pull opportunities from around campus.

Custom Communities

Customize user administrative structure. Custom majors, opp types, and all other variables.

Course Integrations

Integrate experiential learning into the curriculum. Match opps to courses, set-up assignments, verify participation and outcomes.

Administrative Dashboard

Customize user administrative structure. Custom majors, opp types, and all other variables.

Advanced Analytics

Run reports for customizable groups of students. Ex: see how many Sophomores majoring in Biology with a 3.0 did both an internship and research opp.

Student Reflections

Track Student Participation and learning outcomes, reflections in audio, video and text format.

Enterprise is built for


Have existing Experiential Learning systems, processes, and user data/content pulled into one platform for simple, clean, Exp-L/HIP program management and analysis.

Faculty & Staff

Online dashboard streamlines the organizing of information, from document uploads, tools to share opportunities with students and colleagues, and an in-depth analytics system to track and uncover student outcomes.


Find everything in one place. Looking for an internship, research opp, event volunteer program, or something else? Find everything happening on (and off) campus in one place, tailored to your interests and goals.