Solutions for Institutions

Colleges & Universities are unable to efficiently scale and track outcomes from experiential & high-impact practice participation.

Limited Participation

Using outdated matching methods and siloed initiatives means opportunities are passing students by.

Limited Quality

Scaling up does not have to mean watering down. Today, schools struggle to keep the ‘impact’ in high-impact practices.

Missing Data

The majority of institutions do not have a clear picture of participation rates, much less any accompanying learning outcomes.

Create a customized end-to-end solution to scale experiential & high-impact practice participation.


Connect siloed campus systems, resources around the web, and source opportunities from our network of companies, non-profits, and government agencies. In addition to all this, easily allow your community partners, faculty, and staff to add and upload opportunities.


Manage everything from the creation of the opportunity to the exit interview. Collaborate with opportunity providers to set up the timeline, goals, and outcomes desired from each opportunity. Save time and resources in collecting data and managing opportunity and provider relationships.

Verify & Report

360 participation verification. Keep track of who is participating in what, what they learned, and receive qualitative and quantitative data from student, provider, and all other involved parties. Run custom reports for individual and groups of students to product actionable participation and learning outcomes data.

Student Opportunity Center provides college students a great platform to find scholarships, internships, and conferences on one site. This site is easily accessible and can narrow your search down to a field of interest, time frame, and location.

Amber Greenup

Florida State University

SOC has been of special value to students who are new to searching for experiential learning and conferences. SOC makes it easy, and our students appreciate being able to search geographically.

Dr. Lori Merrill-Fink

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

As an administrator, I find the platform easy to search for opportunities for our students. It is also simple to show them how to do a few searches and let the students loose to explore the possibilities. I think it's a great resource and I am glad our institution offers this.

Ms. Amelia Bickel, M.A.

University of Central Florida

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