Step 3: Prepare for Launch

Now that you are matched with a college classroom, it’s time to finalize the details with your Match (aka Class Instructor/Professor), as follows:

  1. Add the start date, check-in schedule, and Project Info Package on your Project Page (see all your Projects here).
  2. Review and implement any change requests the professor/instructor makes on the individual Project page (see all your Projects here)

The four things you must do to be ready for launch are:

  1. Indicate your desired Start Date and End Date on the individual Project’s page under “Matches” (see all your Projects here)
  2. Indicate your desired Check-In Schedule on the individual Project’s page under “Matches” (see all your Projects here). It will be important to maintain contact with the class throughout the project to ensure project success. We recommend meeting with the class for weekly or bi-weekly Q&A sessions (lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour).
  3. Create and upload the Project Info Package on the individual Project’s page under “Matches” (see all your Projects here). This is a folder that contains all the documents the students will need to complete your project. These documents are usually: a summary of your company, your company’s marketing language/marketing materials, any work/research you have already done in this project area. Basically, anything you think will help the students complete your project.
  4. Schedule an Intro Call With Your Match. We strongly recommend scheduling a 30-minute introduction call with your Match/Class Instructor  to ensure you are both in agreement about the above three items. In fact, a 30-minute intro call with the class instructor is the best and quickest way to resolve all pre-launch requirements at once.

 Additional Resources

After Step 3 (Prepare for Launch), move to Step 4 (Run the Project)

Step 1: Create a Project

Register & create a 4-12 week project for college classes, with clearly defined final deliverables.

Step 2: Match to a Class

Find the best-fit classroom for your project and schedule your introductory call.

Step 3: Prepare for Launch

Review your custom Project Package, provided by SOC. Complete/Sign all required forms & agreement.

Step 4: Run/Manage the Project

Check in with the classroom/students for Q&A sessions to ensure your project's success.