SOC for Employers

Work with college classes on projects you need done

Project-based learning (PBL) consists of students designing, developing, and constructing hands-on solutions to a business problem. These real-world collaborations between employers and university classes provide many synergies for all parties, including the following employer benefits:

  • Work with dozens of students at once
  • Connect with and hire talent early
  • Get important creative projects done


For Employers

One Agreement, Hundreds of Universities

SOC serves as the intermediary, allowing you to sign one agreement and work with hundreds of universities and thousands of faculty across the US. SOC begins by matching your company's project to a class that is the best fit for your project & hiring needs.

Bespoke Project Planning

Using SOC's library of project templates, best-practices and guidance from SOC experiential learning experts, SOC puts together the ideal project package for college classes to complete. For less time and effort than managing a single summer intern you can work with dozens of talented students at a time.

Streamlined Project Facilitation

SOC provides project facilitation support for all our employer partners. From onboarding students, managing communication channels, and ensuring KPIs are met, SOC is there to ensure a smooth process from project launch to completion.

S. Junior at University of San Diego
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"SOC has allowed me to research a lot of amazing opportunities to advance my career."
Dr. Krys Strand
Dr. Krys StrandDirector of National Fellowships and Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity, Concordia College
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"SOC is a fantastic tool that can connect every student on campus with opportunities and help campuses track applications and participation in those opportunities."

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