Step 4: Run the Project


At this juncture, your project is officially underway. You will be working with the university class over the next weeks or months, and the students will turn in their Final Deliverable(s) at the conclusion of your project. In order to maximize the value you receive, it is important to keep students engaged and moving toward your ideal Final Deliverable(s). We recommend carving out 1-2 hours per week for the management of your project to ensure success. 

There are two things you need to do to run the project well:

  1. Meet with the class. Weekly or bi-monthly with the entire class virtually (e.g., Zoom/GMeets/Teams) via video-conferencing link set up by your class instructor/professor) for 30-min to 1-hour at the time agreed upon during Step 3 (Prepare to Launch).
  2. View and respond to comments/questions here. Projects progress quickly! Check the Project Portal a few times per week to see how the students are progressing toward completing your Final Deliverable(s).
We recommend inviting the students/student groups to present their Final Deliverable(s) to you on the last Check-In Meeting (i.e., 5-15-minute PowerPoint student presentations), which is a very rewarding, exciting way to wrap up the project for all involved!

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Final Step: Step 4 (Run the Project)

Step 1: Create a Project

Register & create a 4-12 week project for college classes, with clearly defined final deliverables.

Step 2: Match to a Class

Find the best-fit classroom for your project and schedule your introductory call.

Step 3: Prepare for Launch

Review your custom Project Package, provided by SOC. Complete/Sign all required forms & agreement.

Step 4: Run/Manage the Project

Check in with the classroom/students for Q&A sessions to ensure your project's success.