Step 2: Match to a Project

Once your class is added, it will be viewable in the Project Portal and companies will be able to request to match with your course. Below is the process to request and match with a company project:

  1. Browse or search for company projects by keyword here.
  2. Indicate your interest in a project by clicking the “Request Match” icon button on the project page.
  3. View & manage your Match Requests here.


Note: Once the company indicates interest in your class, you are ready to move on to Step 3: Prepare to Launch. 

Additional Resources:

After completing Step 2 (Match to a Class), move to Step 3 (Prepare for Launch)

Step 1: Add your Course

Register & add the course(s) you are interested in incorporating a 4-12 week experiential learning project into.

Step 2: Match to a Project

Find the best-fit project for your class and schedule your introductory call.

Step 3: Prepare for Launch

Review and customize the Project Details, working with SOC and the company partner.

Step 4: Support the Project

Have the company partner call in to your class for 30-60 minutes every 1-2 weeks. Students give final presentations or submit final deliverables at the end of the 4-12 weeks.