Experiential Learning at WGU

Process and documentation for implementing experiential education at Western Governors University


Step 1: Project Evaluation

*Optional, as requested: CI & Employer introduction meeting (30-min)

Step 2: Onboarding

  • Process:
    • WGU IDs eligible students
      • Based on CoS progression & self-reported interest
      • Ideal Enrollment: 10-20 students per project
    • WGU gives CIs/PMs Project Summaries
    • CI/PM onboarding (below docs, optional call with SOC)
    • WGU PMs share Projects with Students
    • Students register (via “project menu” on SOC Platform and/or Qualtrics
    • SOC sets up Doodle Poll/Survey to coordinate availability

Step 3: Engagement

  • Project proposal as student’s first assessment/assignment
    • Within 2 weeks of start-date
  • Communication
    • Forum on Slack (or equivalent)
    • Weekly/bi-weekly “office hours”with Employer & SOC
      • Each student required to attend minimum of 2
    • Periodic/as needed SOC check-ins with student via email
    • Weekly Summary of Project Progression
      • SOC sends summary to CI/PMs/Employers weekly
    • SOC provides email templates for Employer & PMs/CIs to help with ongoing student check-ins

Step 4: Evaluation

  • Deliverable Review Process:
    • Student submits “Final Deliverable” to SOC
    • SOC vets for minimum level of quality
    • Student edits as needed (max of 2 revisions)
    • Submit to Employer
  • One-on-one student feedback with Employer  (15-min per student; or 30-min per group/2-hours per project)
  • Student completes Final Assessment → WGU Assessment evaluates → Student resubmits as needed
  • WGU completes the remaining process to award completion